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Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models


Toughened glass film product introduction:

1. Glass film adhesive layer: AB glue (strong adsorption, fast exhaust)

2. Tempered film hardness: 8-9H (tempering time 3 hours) super scratch-resistant

3. Tempered film thickness: 0.26mm/0.33mm

4. Tempered film transmission: 98% transmittance, 98% reflectivity

5. Tempered film fingerprint: The surface is treated with polymer anti-fingerprint, and the fingerprint control is greatly improved compared with the ordinary protective film. (Note: Under the current fingerprint processing technology, 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, the company’s tempered film treatment Fingerprint can greatly improve the anti-fingerprint effect)


Style: i1

Applicable brands: Apple / Apple

Material: tempered glass

File type: front film

The film features: anti-fingerprint, matte, high-definition, scratch-resistant

Color: HD tempered film + packaging tool, HD tempered film (naked film)

Size: Apple X/xs, Apple XR, Apple Xs max, Apple 11, Apple 11pro, Apple 11pro Max, Apple 6/6s, Apple 6plus/6splus, Apple 7/8, Apple 7plus/8plus

Package Content

1 x Screen Protector



Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 20 cm

1, 2


IPhone 11, IPhone 11pro Max, IPhone 11pro, IPhone 6 6s, IPhone 6p 6sp, IPhone 7 8, IPhone 7p 8p, IPhone X Xs, IPhone XR, IPhone Xs max, IPhone12 mini, IPhone12 pro max, IPhone12


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Screen Protector Tempered Glass